• Q: What are the requirements for joining Alpha Gamma Rho?

    Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1904 as a social/professional agricultural fraternity. Since its founding, AGR has remained true to many of its agricultural traditions. However, we do NOT limit ourselves to only agriculture majors or men from farms. Agriculture is a changing and diverse industry, and our fraternity reflects this. To be considered for membership, you must be a male student in good standing with the University.  AGR members are pursuing any career related to the agriculture, food or fiber industries.


    Q:  What is a "social/professional" Fraternity?

    Alpha Gamma Rho is unique because it is a social/professional fraternity. AGR is active socially with many social functions throughout the semester with other fraternities and sororities, formal dances, philanthropic events, and brotherhood outings. What makes us different is our professional interaction. AGR has a strong networking connection with our alumni. Many undergrads find jobs or interviews through fellow AGR alumni. We host many distinguished alumni for formal meals and speeches.


    Q:  What kind of Fraternity is Alpha Gamma Rho?

    Alpha Gamma Rho gives you the opportunity to experience both a social and a professional fraternity. AGR does what you expect a social fraternity to do: socialize with other students on campus and people in the community. AGR has a strong group of members and a house to live in during your college years. But AGR is more than just another social fraternity; it is also a professional fraternity. All members of AGR share common career interests. AGR is for young men pursuing any career related to the agriculture, food or fiber industries. And there's one more very important difference: at AGR there's no pledging. You join as an equal member. AGR does a careful review of all potential members in advance, so there's no need for a "weeding out" process. For more information, visit the Recruitment page of this website.


    Q:  What is the pledge process like?

    Alpha Gamma Rho is a non-pledging, non-hazing fraternity. We believe we can achieve a strong brotherhood without the physical and mental rigors of pledging. AGR's mission is to make better men, not tear them down and build them up.

    Our membership development program consists of the Brotherhood Program which was amended in our National Constitution in 1991. Following this amendment, all forms of "pledging" and the typical associated hazing were eliminated. We were one of the first fraternities, nationally, to develop this type of program to eliminate the possibility of hazing. It is a plan that will continue the tradition of leadership every Brother has come to expect from Alpha Gamma Rho.


    Q:  Where is the chapter house located?

     The Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity house is located on the corner of 13th Ave. N. and University Dr.  It is a short walk straight east of the Memorial Uniion, about 1 block. This location provides a quick walk to all of the buildings on campus.


    1303 N University Dr
    Fargo, ND 58102




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